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Inspire hearts by leaving a positive legacy aimed to embrace the power within you by empowering humanity through storytelling. 

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Hi There ,

 Are your ears awake? Listen to the wind words, the spirit of truth blowing through the trumpets, piercing through trees planted by streams of water. You are His symphony, masterpiece, and beautiful work of art. ~Cherise A. Williams


Now more than ever, I would like you to know how amazing you are and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me. 

" I have stories to tell. I'm a storyteller. As long as I'm telling stories, and as long as I think I'm telling them well, then I'm going to want to do this." ~Shonda Rhimes

     What is your story? I understand you may be facing disappointments, tests, trials,  and pain. Even with your head hanging low, find the strength to look up and refuse to give up! You may see me cry, but I refuse to back up or give up! No one told me the road would be easy. God has made way. He has already notified the earth and sky. 

     There is always something going on UnderNeath the MakeUp in people, projects, and plans. You probably missed your moment on yesterday; today afforded you to shield your mind from negative thoughts by affirming: I am healthy. My thoughts are healthy. My mind focuses on things that are lovely. 

     My ideas come from everywhere. I can write endless stories about UnderNeath the MakeUp Series~Nurture the Powerful You all day. Can you imagine me given you my passionate heart?  I hope you are excited to share because I am ready to share with you. I will always leave tips, ideas, and beautiful moments.  Share this blog with others and hold fast to what you want, protect it and watch the "Dream Giver" fulfill what you ask. I can't wait to share beautiful moments in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned for sneak peeks from books I will be authoring, affirmations, guides, poetry, and much more. I promise new books are on the way.  To learn more about me visit my bio You can also find more of my writing on Instagram under @cheriseawilliams and thereal_toastmastersclub.

P.S. "Never throw away an idea just because it is impossible. Give it a chance." Dr. Robert Schuller

You're Amazing, 

Cherise A. Williams 


Whoa! Your Story is not over.

Allow him to remove the masquerade of doubt, and he shall grace you with his beauty of love. ~Cherise A. Williams 

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You're Amazing